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Today I am going to be sharing with you the Cleansing Trio Kit. These three products make up this trio:  Essentialzyme, ICP, and ComforTone. We all should be taking better care of our digestive tract and colon.  Not a topic many want to discuss but as I’ve been on this journey to a healthier lifestyle, I have learned that taking care of our digestive tract and colon is very important and many of us don’t take care of it.  Many of us have issues that have to do with our digestive tract.  Many have issues that aren’t even aware that our digestive tract is harboring toxic waste. The reason I want to talk about these products today is because I’ve been thinking of cleansing for some time now.  I’ve always had issues with my digestive tract.  I know TMI, but it has to be discussed.  I had some breakthroughs with just drinking Lemon Essential Oil in my water daily and taking the Life 5 Probiotics.  So let’s dive into these products and find out how they can help us.


essentialzyme image

This product is a multi-enzyme complex that promotes digestion and assists in the conversion of nutrients into the body.  Many who have chronic pancreatitis, cystic fibrosis or any condition where the pancreas duct or common bile duct is blocked could be from preventing enzymes from reaching the intestines.  This product helps re-establish enzyme balance, helps improve intestines, and may help slow down the aging process.  This is a high quality complex enzyme that helps improve and aid in digestion and eliminates toxic waste from the body which means more energy and vitality. (EOPR)


ICP - Part of Cleansing Trio

This product is a great colon cleanser, with added fibers that scour out residue.  A healthy digestive system is very important in aiding to absorb nutrients that are sent out throughout the body.  If our digestive system, including our colon, are not functioning properly then the nutrients cannot be sent throughout the body as they should.  The fibers help to decrease the buildup of waste, gas, help to improve absorption and also help to have a healthy heart. (EOPR)


ComforTone - Part of Cleansing Trio

This product is in capsule form and also helps to eliminate residue from the digestive system and enhances ability to function properly.  Just the thought of there being residue in my digestive tract makes me sick.  Sorry I had a bad visual there.  This product helps support the normal wave like movement that moves food along through the intestines.  This product helps strengthen our system as well as deliver nutrients to the rest of the body, which is our goal. This product has essential oils in it to help with parasites, inflammation, cramps, aid in elimination process and to help soothe any other discomfort. 

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